Tuesday, June 15

VBS- Days 1 & 2

Well, it's boots and cowboy hats for me this week at our VBS. Our "Saddle Ridge Ranch" theme is fun (and easy) to work with. Finding props and decorations this year was a breeze. (My parents house is decorated western style down to a cow hide hanging on the wall, so they provided about 75% of our decorations :) Here's an update on how things are going:

Monday-Day 1

When I woke up that morning and rushed around getting us ready to leave, I managed to remember to read my Proverbs. It was not a lengthy devotion by any means, but it was sincere. I knew I needed to gird up my mind, because Satan already seemed to be planting seeds of negativity in my thinking during the previous day's preparations. So I prayed. A lot. While driving to the church we listened to a CD (which we could NOT get to play at home for some reason,) and finally heard a particular song our VBS leader had suggested we use. So we added it to our repertoire for the morning.

Upon arrival, we had all the usual late registrations and subsequently had to figure out the class room arrangements very last-minute... but it went surprisingly smoothly. And despite all the head counting and seat rearranging during our morning music session, the kids were actually paying attention! They seemed to have a blast learning the songs... we actually REMEMBERED how the songs went... and our skit went off seamlessly. The rest of the day was just great!

Tuesday-Day 2

I woke up earlier, determined to be more organized than the day before. I made Benjamin his usual breakfast instead of just "grabbing something to go"... I put more time into my appearance and I was the first to load my stuff up in the car. I felt ahead of the game.
When we arrived and began preparing for our skit and "fishing" game we intended to play with the kids; that's when everything kinda went south. The magnets on the end of the fishing line weren't strong enough to lift the paper clip-tipped fish out of our fake stream (should have tested those...), the fishing line kept getting tangled up, I snapped at my sister like it was her fault and the kids didn't really even laugh at the punch line of our skit.

The rest of day included: eating lunch while every baby present wailed simultaneously, a moment of panic-thinking a baby was choking, & a very mediocre afternoon music practice. The day was just a little "off". Maybe everyone else didn't feel that way. Maybe it was just ME that was a little "off" today. But, I know EXACTLY why: Because I was more interested in being organized and "prepared" today than doing my devotion and praying for God's guidance.

I write this... I admit to this... because, I believe it happens to all of us. We are human. We get caught up with our preparations and forget that only God can really prepare us for something. I'd be lying if I said I always faithful with my morning devotions. I wish it were a one-time decision. I'd be like, "Yes Lord! I want to be in communion with you each morning for the rest of my life!!" But, unfortunately, I may make the right choice one day, then forget about it the next. Perhaps I'm so haughty that I thought, "Well yesterday went great! Imagine what today could be like if I REALLY took control!" Yeah right! Because Brittney being in control ALWAYS works out so splendidly!

Ha... I can't help but laugh at my foolishness sometimes. How quickly I forget that I can do nothing without Christ. So, needless to say, you are all holding me accountable for the rest of this week. Maybe the knowledge that I'll have to "fess up" to ya'll later will spur me on to prepare myself spiritually each morning for working with God's children. I know how important they are to Him. He wants me to take this job SERIOUSLY.

I plan to.


Rebecca Lynn said...

Too funny and OH so true about how we really are!
A good thought for ALL mornings is, "ONLY with your help GOD!"

thusbands said...

I absolutely love that picture of the boots and hat. Would you mind if I borrowed it?

Brittney Mofley said...

@ thusbands: not at all!