Tuesday, July 31


This blog began dailyish, quickly became weeklyish... and eventually turned into monthlyish. Well, this time it's almost been a whole quarter!!! It's not that I don't have things to blog about... trust me, there's ALWAYS  a ton of things buzzing through this brain that I'd love to share. It's just the sitting down, uploading the photos... you know, the tedious work of it all. ;)

Well here's what's new with me 
since 3 months ago:

We've been doing school work almost every day now. (Generally no more than an hour, tops.) Sometimes we just do pre-schooler work sheets and random learning stuff, and other times I pick a theme and go all out with it, doing a craft and maybe even a field trip. (We recently went to HMNS.) Ben is pretty good at counting to 40, and knows how to spell his name. (the short version :) So I'm pretty encouraged at this point!

I started volunteering with B2B- an awesome ministry showing God's love to forgotten teens living on the streets, in shelter, RTC's, foster homes & mental facilities. Check out their website HERE.

We ate a leisurely family breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Then rocked awhile...

I made this Brazilian Fish Stew TWICE! (I know, I know. Stew in the summer you say? We've gotten so much rain the past couple of months (praise the LORD!!!) that I've been in a comfort food mood. 
This is healthy, yummy, easy... 
oh, and did I mention it's NOT chicken or beef??? yay for that!
(no offense to you, chicken & beef. I couldn't live without you... my life is just screaming for variety right now ;)

Click HERE for this recipe
(It's great served over rice!!!)

We went to 2 Faith and Family concerts at the Astros games

We decided to get rid of commercial television AND the gigantic tv in the center of our family room. Now my living room looks like this:  :D

(yes, the lampshade was terribly boring and I had some white fabric lying around, so I kinda went a little crazy on it. Shabby Chic, no?)

Addy started wearing pig tails :)... and we went to this library a bunch...
(oh those store bought pig tail bows are SOOO tiny. But, don't worry. I've been making her some bigger ones ;)

We did Adventures on Promise Island VBS at church:

We took advantage of AMF's free summer bowling for kids with some pals...

And now for the


It's about my Adalynn. As you can see from this picture, she is growing up quite rapidly. This summer, she got weaned, got her bangs cut, wore pig tails... and it's only a matter of time before she is married off. :)

And well....

she is going to be a BIG SISTER!

Yes, you heard me right! We are pregnant with #3!!!

Ah well... that is what's new and wonderful with us right now. I'm feeling very blessed!

Thanks for reading!