Tuesday, July 21

The New House Makeover- Adalynn's Room

Hello all, I'm back!! Some of you know I was sick for several months recently with baby #4. It got pretty severe this time. We're talking losing 12% of my body weight, multiple trips to the hospital, 3 months on the couch, couldn't keep water down....  Yeah. It was rough.

They call it hyperemesis gravidarum, and it is no joke! Doing some research made me realize just how bad some people can get- even needing hospitalization their entire pregnancy and/or losing their baby! Thank the Lord I didn't get that bad!! 

I'm about 20 wks now and just have "normal" mild morning sickness lingering. But I am finally living again!! I can't say "thank you" enough to those of you who prayed, sent me a "get well" text, cooked us a meal, offered to keep my kids... You just have no idea how much it was needed and how much it meant! I am forever indebted to you guys! ❤️

I am SO excited to resume working on the house and I can't wait to show you all the transformations that are taking place in each room of this beautiful country home we are buying from my grandparents! (Move in should be happening in a few weeks... !!!!!)

So without further adieu... 
Here is Adalynn's room:

Wall Stencil- Michael's
Owl lamp base- Walmart
"A"- Hobby Lobby (painted and glued onto a frame purchased elsewhere)
Paint- Sherwin Williams 
SW6597 Hopeful (darker pink)
SW6595 Armour Pink (lighter pink)
Closet Hardware Knobs- Home Depot
Chandelier- Reused from her old room (originally purchased at Home Depot, spray painted white)
KidKraft kitchen- purchased online
Kid table and chairs- purchased on Craigslist and painted white
Annabel duvet cover- Serena & Lily 
Window Sheers- eBay