Thursday, January 19

Toddler Learning Games-Fun with Dominos

My family has always loved playing games together; including dominoes.
My mother tells everyone "I taught the girls to count by 5's playing dominoes!"
She's telling the truth!
Homeschooling in our house was pretty fun. :)

Benjamin LOVES it when he gets to play with an "adult" or "big kid" item.
(What kid doesn't? It's just more fun than their toys, right?)
So, I've been using his interest in our dominoes for some learning games.

We have the double-twelve set with different colors, so there's lots of opportunity for learning with these. While he isn't old enough to count by fives yet... he can practice matching up the identical sides, learning the unusual color names, and counting the dots.

Of course, I let him stack them, line them up, and build things with them as well. Our "learning sessions" are usually no longer than a couple of minutes. Then I go do a chore and let him "freestyle" it for 5 minutes or so. :)

I think it's great to give kids access to ALMOST everything.
(Not all the time, and not anything dangerous...)
But a kid's interest is always peaked when you show them something
"off limits".
Explain it to them, and let them touch it a minute. 
You have their attention and it's a fantastic teaching moment!

Let your toddler stir the pancake mix and watch you fry an egg. Let them put their own clothes in their drawer. Let them play with the dominoes. Let them TRY to sweep the floor.
If you're gonna teach them about table manners- bring out the fine china for a special dinner.

You know, the dishes that are for "special people"?

After all, who is truly more special than your little ones?