Just a few projects I've been working on...


Wedding Bouquet: Repurposed!

I had a fake plant that wasn't too great, and my wedding bouquet sitting on a shelf in my closet. So, I combined the 2 to make an arrangement for the bathroom.

Like it?

Adalynn's first wipe case:

"Homeade" Sparkly Tennis Shoes for Adalynn:

Well... now that I know I'm having a girl (!!!!!!!!) it's all bows, cute socks & girly lace add-on's! I always figured dressing a girl would be fun, but I had NO IDEA how much! I am totally getting into this!

I'm just starting to learn the bow-making thing... I'll post pictures when I get some done. :)


When I was pregnant with Benjamin, I got crafty and made LOTS of wipe cases like this one for his arrival...
I've thrown most of them away because they were in such bad condition! They get chewed on... dropped on the floor... battered and beaten... and end up looking horrible or just plain falling apart. This is one of the few he has left, and trust me, this picture makes it look better than it actually is at this point!

So... I got the urge to make him a new one that looked a little more "kid-ish" instead of "baby-ish". So I whipped out the Cricut and this is what we ended up with:
(I used plain ole' packaging tape over my creation to make it water/peel proof. Didn't figure I should go thru much more trouble than that considering this will probably only last us 6 months! :)