Wednesday, June 30

Pride vs. Confidence

Wow! What a busy summer ALREADY!

I can hardly catch my breath. Have you ever have so many projects going at once that you just flutter from corner to corner in your house and end up getting very little done? Yep, that's me these days. I just need to FOCUS on ONE THING and complete it. Today, *well, actually yesterday... Tuesday has already become Wednesday, and I am still awake!* I didn't work on any of my "projects"... and yet, I am left with a gratifying sense of "usefulness" for the first time in days. That is because *today* we resumed our Tuesday SH classes!

I was so excited to see all of the girls today (it had been 3 weeks.) With Krystal sick, and the Woodruff family heading out for their vacation... it was left up me and Courtney today to sorta "fly solo" on all the preparations. Let me tell ya, I am feeling awful grateful to everyone who has a part in our weekly meetings, because doing all of the work alone is tough! When Zach (our "chef") finally gets back, I just might hug him! That takes such a huge load off of me and lets me focus on the Bible study and craft prep.

But, even though I had a rather hectic morning, all went very well! Today, our group 'subject of discussion' was: the difference between having confidence, and being prideful. Most of these girls have been so beaten down the entire lives, so it's really important that they have mentors to encourage them towards greatness, and teach them how to think of themselves in a positive way. But... while reading my Proverbs this morning I came across the verse "A man's pride shall bring him low: but honor shall uphold the humble in spirit." I realized that the girls might be confused about why Scripture speaks of pride as a bad thing, while the world promotes it. Phrases like "Take pride in who you are", and "Be proud of your accomplishments" are commonly used in our society to motivate young people... and yet, they seem to be conflicting with God's Word.

So...I suggested to the girls, that the word "pride" is used in many different ways in our modern culture, but it is important to understand exactly what God was talking about when He said He hates a "proud look". The key point of our discussion came down to this: being confident means knowing you "can do all things through Christ who give you strength", while being prideful means you believe you are better/deserve more than others. I wanted to keep the explanation as simple as possible, and I really think the girls got it. Bro. Woodruff always tells me, "Be sure to keep your lessons very simple- sort of like a Sunday School lesson, because many of these girls have a much lower education than you would expect at their age." Well, I can always tell when I'm talking over their heads. They get a glazed over look in their eyes, or start chatting with one another. So, it's always a relief to see something is really "clicking with them".

It's so easy to get exalted in knowing doctrine... and speaking all of our "advanced Christian lingo"... but, God has taught me some of the most amazing things through simple lessons. As I was talking to the girls today in "easy to understand terms", I felt my own understanding broadening a little. The more I study God's Word, the more I am convinced that He is a simple God. I think it's us humans who make things so complicated. To God, it's all about heart. He knows good and well that when a person's heart is right, everything else just lines right up. If I could just have a pure motive at all times, what amazing things could God do with a vessel like that?

Working with those girls blesses me beyond belief- thanks God for helping me open up my mind just a little more to your ways!

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Rebecca Lynn said...

Totally understand the focus thing...that is my biggest problem during the school year, I try to do too many things at once and get less done!
Like how you said God is a simple God. I think you are right we try and make Him complicated, He never changes, yet we try and change Him!
Wonderful thing you guys are doing for those girls ~ everyone needs that kind of attention!!!