Wednesday, June 2

Good Times, and Tearful Goodbyes

***pictures have been removed-sorry!!***

Zach Woodruff made this yummy brownie cake for Khadijah's birthday. He is so great! He makes us a FABULOUS meal each Tuesday, and when someone in the group has a birthday, he asks what their favorite meal and dessert is to make it extra special for them! He is such a blessing to us! Most of the girls don't really get an individual birthday party besides what Zachary does for them. I know it makes them feel good for someone to care enough to cater to them on their special day!

***picture has been removed-sorry!!!***

This is me and Monika, the youngest girl in our group. She is a real sweetheart! So impressionable... she seems to soak up every word we say like a sponge. You can look at her face and tell she has not been scarred by life as badly as some of the other girls. I pray for her often, hoping that the seeds being planted in her life through this project will continue to grow and be nurtured by individuals God brings into her life.

The group is constantly changing as some of the girls get moved to different facilities and new young ladies arrive. Yesterday I found out that would be the last time I saw 3 of the girls- they are graduating and moving on. I'm so happy and proud of them, but it was very sad to say goodbye. I had on an old second-hand skirt so we decided to turn it into a "year book" of sorts- a souvenir for me to remember all of girls by. Others may be gone next week without any notice, we just never know. It makes me want to take full advantage of each day I have with them... while at the same time, not trying to cram too much information down their throats!

Dear God, please help me to be instrumental in their lives; sharing your love with them, on a level with which they can relate! Amen.

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