Saturday, June 19

VBS Day 5

Friday-VBS Day 5

Well, it's over. I'm kinda sad, and kinda glad. :) Tired does not even begin to describe how WIPED OUT I am right now! I fully intend to sleep late tomorrow. (It is technically already "tomorrow"... so yes, I'll be sleeping QUITE late!)

(Here's the adorable program my sister Courtney made for our performance tonight. She posted our group picture on the back of each one for the families to take home.)

The kids performed great in our closing program tonight for our 2010 VBS. Of course, there were some mistakes here and there- but that's part of the fun in watching kids perform... all the "surprises" they have in store for you! :) When our buckaroos made their grand entrance "galloping" up to the stage, they all yelled "Yeehaw!" in unison. The crowd laughed and cheered. Well, the kids (who were decked out in their cowboy gear and really feeling the part) were obviously loving this attention, so they "Yeehawed" again... and again... and again. The crowd's laughter only grew.

They knew they were putting on quite a show. Here I was in the back waving my arms like a maniac, trying to get them to make eye contact with me so we could begin quoting our first Scripture, and not a one was looking at me. I guess they were just overcome with giddy excitement and forgot what they were up there for. I gave up and started laughing.

Soon, I noticed a hand full of them looking my way, like they had suddenly remembered they needed to do something... so I silently counted them off and began the first Scripture- the rest of the group joined right in once they heard us. But, they were still so wound up on their first song that they got faster and faster... my dad had to just stop playing the guitar because there was no consistent beat to follow. The entire sanctuary was just cracking up. Kids. What do ya do? haha... I'd say the night was a huge success. Getting laughter out of the parents is always a primary goal- so I think we accomplished that one. : P
The program ended with the kids swaying and singing "Happy Trails to You". Too cute!


Here are some of the crafts they made this week:

(Getting Benjamin's hand print on this thing was murder I tell you! Murder! :)

Thought these Wanted Posters were so cute!!

Our craft ladies are so sweet! Every year they make all the crafts themselves for the nursery babies so they will have keepsakes to bring home like the older kids! I didn't do any of this! Thanks guys!


Some of the kiddos Benjamin hung out with this week:

(a whole bunch of girls! )

VBS, it was a blast! S'long till next year!

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