Tuesday, June 8

A-line "Necktie Skirt"

  My Sister Courtney...

has a really eclectic, funky sense of style-
and I love her for it! She helps me keep it fresh; and think outside the box when it comes to fashion. A couple of years ago, she had an idea to create a skirt from a myriad of neckties. So, she scavenged through re-sale shops (and stole a few from Dad :) to create this very... unique piece of clothing!

She basically dis-assembled all the ties and used the seam allowances already present to sew them all together. She then put in a zipper and a few darts for the waist. The bottom she left rough. (She didn't rip out the seaming in the tip of the ties so it was already "hemmed".)

She must have grown tired of her creation because she hasn't worn it in a long time... so the other day she said I could have it. I intend to remove my least favorite tie to make it fit. :) Gotta love her creativity!! This one is definitely a conversation starter!

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