Friday, June 25

A "Microwave" Thought

Our microwave has serious problems. I'm pretty sure it was damaged last year when my sister started a grease fire on the stove beneath. Yeah.... long story, but thankfully we can just laugh about that little incident, because no one got hurt- except the microwave.
Would you like to experience using our microwave? Okay, here we go. Let's say you've got a nice big plate of leftovers you'd like to re-heat. So you cover your plate, slide it in the microwave, shut the door, and press 2:00.

And you wait... and wait... and nothing happens. Well, that's what takes place about... ohhh.. I'd say 40% of the time. NOTHING whatsoever. The screen just continually says


And you have pressed start. 3 times.

Another 40% of the time, it's this scenario:
You slip your plate in, shut the door, and press 2:00. Oh, the microwave starts alright... but not on the 2 minutes you requested. The screen now magically changes itself to 3:33. Well, that may work out alright for your large plate... but what if you just stuck 1 little tortilla in there? Burnt to a crisp.

So, of course, you can't put something in and just walk away- no sirree! Your food might end up black and crispy.

Now we're left with the remaining 20%. That's the part where the microwave actually does what you tell it to do. -what a novel concept...

Needless to say, this microwave brings out every one's frustration... but, as I stood in front of it today, trying to will it to do my bidding... I saw myself. No, not just my reflection... I mean ME. And I thought: When we own something like a microwave, we expect it to do what it was created to do. I wonder what God thinks when He asks us to do something, and we go and do something completely different?

Or if we just stand and stare with a blank face... like, "God... that's kinda embarrassing... what will people think of me if I do that?..."

Example: One thing we were created to do is PRAISE HIM. So do we? What about when we're not in church? Am I embarrassed to raise my hands in praise or lift my voice to say "Hallelujah" unless I'm in a church sanctuary?


Another thing we were designed to do is to be in COMMUNION with Him. So, if I don't pray and stay in the Word... how can I be "of use" to Him?

We have procrastinated replacing our microwave because of the 20% chance it will function correctly when we use it. If it doesn't cooperate the first time, we just keep trying. I know God is very patient with us, but, I don't want to frustrate Him. I want Him to be able to use me- not just 20% of the time... All of the time! I want to do what I was created to do.

Serve Him.

Just a little Friday food for thought!


lucie6 said...

That really got me thinking about what I deal with when it comes to what I wear. Alot of other things that come up in my life. I want to give god my 100% not just half or less.

JeeperWeepers said...

Excellent! I totally agree, and Lord, please help me... Don't let me fail you Lord. Don't let me fall. Help me dear Jesus surrender all...