Saturday, June 12

Preparing for our VBS

Here it is again already!
One of my favorite times of the year...
Vacation Bible School!!

Each year, my mom, my sister, and I are over the music time for our church VBS. When the kids arrive in the morning, they all come into the sanctuary for "big group" time with us, which usually starts off with a few shenanigans :) and maybe a skit. Then we overview the theme of the day, learn our song and memory verse, and send them off to their various stations. After a day of fun, we all re-assemble for "big group" (just before parents arrive) to review what we learned that day and have chapel. It's a blast! And it WEARS YA OUT! I am usually SO tired at the end of each day that it's all I can do to get home, clean myself up, prep for the next day, and fall into bed! But, it's so worth it!

Our VBS begins this coming Monday... and why I waited until a few days ago to prepare all of our music is beyond me. I kept telling myself, "Brittney, you need to look at the program info.. you need to make some preparations... you need to get on the ball!" But did I? Nope. Needless to say I have spent pretty much every waking hour since Thursday working on this project.

Isn't that what they call "addicted to drama"? You know, when a person waits till the last possible minute to do something- knowing full well how important it is and that they are creating problems for them self by procrastinating? It's like letting your vehicle inspection sticker expire EVERY TIME- and feeling a thrill when you don't get a ticket for it. (Not that I do that of course..................... at least not on purpose! :)

(noooo.... this is NOT the current sticker on my vehicle! I DON'T live in Denton. This pic is just for effect :)

*or do I????* Maybe subconsciously it's exciting, a little "dangerous". Eh, that psychology stuff probably doesn't apply to me anyhow. :D

Either way, it's almost all done. Just a few more things to wrap up today and I'm ready for the week of "Saddle Ridge Ranch VBS!"

Can't wait!

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