Thursday, May 20

Writing, how I love thee!

Well, here we are. I am officially a blogger. Why didn't I start this sooner? I mean, writing is one of the things in my life that brings me PURE JOY. There are so many things I enjoy... but writing and making music... well those 2 just bypass everything else by miles. I can't even begin to describe what it feels like when words or music is pouring from my being. It feels like years of inspiration and creative thoughts are being held captive inside of my soul, building up until I can longer contain them... and when I finally get the opportunity- what a sweet release!

Hours seem like mere seconds when I am sitting on my piano bench; relishing the sounds of my imagination evolving into a mellifluous story on the keys. A story which may change direction at my whim, which follows the path of my choosing. There are no rules. Only creativity.

I sometimes feel that inspiration is calling out to me from every possible source, every second of the day, threatening to overload my brain. Perhaps it is a gift. Perhaps everyone hears it as I do, but they do not listen. Me, I cannot help but listen. Whether it is the rustling of the trees, or a child laughing... I hear song. Sometimes it is deafening. I want so desperately to give in to its calling. And yet, I tell myself, "There's no time for that! You have work to do... there's a "to do" list waiting... a schedule to keep!" It's so easy for life to become a rush.

I never realized as a young person, how much precious time I had on my hands for creativity. I didn't know that someday I would be too busy to spend half of my day writing music. As we get older, life gets so much more hectic. It has been years since I have allowed myself to get lost in my writing... even for an hour. Well, no more. This blog will finally give me the "permission" I have so long needed to give in to those creative voices inside my head.

Ah... writing, my lost companion... I have returned to you.

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Anonymous said...

It's so weird because I feel the same way! Although I am only 15 years of age I still deal with not having enough time for me to just express myself. Writing and music is one of my passions. If I could write all day I would....