Monday, May 24

Going White!

We finally have a king sized bed!!! Yay!!!!! Now Nick and Benjamin can spread out and mommy doesn't fall off :) So, needing new bedding and all... I decided to do the "all white bed" (borrowing this term from my beloved Pottery Barn.)


I borrowed this bedspread from my mom to use temporarily while I am working on a white patchwork quilt for it. There is just something about white... maybe it's because it looks so clean- I just LOVE it!! I've wanted these huge square "euro" pillows for awhile as well. So, when Sears had a sale a few months ago, I snagged them for about $8 a piece. Trouble is, plain white euro shams are like, non-existent! The only thing I've been able to find is decorative or colored shams- and at $40 a pop, or more! Crazy huh?!

Well, I intend to go purchase some inexpensive flat sheets and just make my own. It will certainly be cheaper. I'm going for the luxury hotel look- which is why I almost bought a down comforter... then reconsidered. I'm really a quilt person. They are SO comfy and homey feeling. So... luxury hotel, southern style. :)

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