Wednesday, May 26

Tuesdays: One of my favorite days!!

Each Tuesday evening I get to meet with some awesome young ladies...

Several months ago, I had the opportunity to start working with a group of teenage girls from a residential treatment center designed to help boys and girls with emotional or behavioral problems. Most of the youth living in the SH  homes come from an abusive past and have been removed from their parent's custody.

My husband's cousin, Greg, has worked for SH for as long as I can remember, and would frequently bring the kids to church and other to functions with us. I've interacted with them from time to time through the years, but have recently felt a burden to get some sort of program started for the girls at our church. So, when Krystal (Greg's daughter) told me she had started meeting with the girls weekly and wanted me to involved, I was SO excited! The timing was finally right for me, and God just began opening doors.

We meet with the girls (ages 13-17) each Tuesday evening at our church dining room. We feed them a meal, the we have a "group session" usually discussing character qualities, heart issues and tools for success in life. We do crafts, games, life skills classes... etc. (With the help of donations from the church, we were able to help all the girls start scrapbooks, which we work on with them about once a month.) They really have a blast, and so do we! It's such an amazing blessing to be apart of their lives, and I'm learning so much as I go!

Tonight, we veered from our usual schedule, and brought them to a KSBJ "brown bag" concert at Chick-Fil-A with Kari Jobe. It was AWESOME! She has an amazing voice- she was great live! The last song of the night "The Revelation Song", is one of my favorites! You could really feel the Holy Spirit sweeping over the crowd. There's something so awesome about being surrounded by masses of people worshipping God! When God's people praise Him, He really pays attention! You can just feel Him smiling down on you and loving you. Wonderful night!

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