Friday, May 21

The trouble with starting a blog

Several weeks ago, I decided I wanted to start a blog. Yes, SEVERAL weeks ago. Here's what happened: I decided to let my "analytical self" take over and began studying up on blogging. (Almost every time I listen to those "left brain" thoughts in my mind I regret it. It's so much more fun to let my "right brain" take over and run wild.) But, no. I studied... and studied. I searched and searched online for tips, tools, advice on what blogging platform to use.... then I came across an article, no a LIBRARY of articles about making money with a blog. That's when the poison set in. Before I knew it, I was neck deep in literature about positioning your Google AdSense correctly, linking to commission based websites, driving traffic to your blog.... and I had entirely forgotten why I wanted to start blogging in the first place.

Oh! It's because I wanted to write! I remember now... yeah... Well, needless to say, my brain hurt from an overload of information on the topic and one night I finally shut my computer and forced myself to take a break for a few days on my "research". I realized that while making money from a blog is a wonderful thought, it really doesn't work out for most people. I'm not degrading the information that's out there... I'm sure it works when perfectly executed.... but, I'm no computer genius. And while I plan to eventually do a little more research and look into my options... I'm not going to let the idea of money prolong my blogging any further.

Besides, if no one is reading my blog yet, what's the point of placing ad banners? (And I'm sure no one is reading yet.) I will eventually try to spread the word about my blog and attract readers more fervently. But, in the mean time, I should probably get some content on here first :) After reading so much "advice" online, I was so scared to use the wrong platform or start a "general" blog not narrowed down to a particular subject. (Apparently those aren't as lucrative.) But, I want to blog about me and things that I love. And, I cannot do that in a narrow subject frame. So, if ya don't like something I blog about... sorry! Look at the labels and choose a subject that intrigues you. I plan to categorize everything I write. Alright? Alright!


Denise Young said...

Oh my goodness, Brittney! I have always thought that you & I were very similar, but this blog was exactly what happened to me! I was almost afraid to start a blog...afraid it would become an obssesive addiction. I'm trying to be moderate, though :)
Check out my blog:

see ya there!

Brittney Mofley said...

haha... yeah I think we have very similar personalities! :) I did check out your blog like, right after you started it. I need to start "following" the blogs I read... I'm new to all this!