Saturday, January 15

Smocked Bonnet

I get my craftiness in "spurts". I sometimes stick my sewing machine in the closet for 6 months at a time without even looking at it- then suddenly, I'll have a burst of creative energy & do several projects in a weeks time.

Having a baby girl on the way has really gotten my creative juices flowing again! So much so, that I've pulled out some "old" projects to share with you. Lately I'm realizing how many skills I've learned over the years that I never use anymore. Perhaps I just like to learn... & once the initial exhilaration is over... well, you get the picture.

I made and smocked this bonnet when I was 16. I saved it in case I ever had a little girl...

I can't say that bonnets like this are exactly my style...
(this was a required project in my smocking class during EXCEL)

Although it IS very pretty and dainty...
After getting some pictures of her in it, I will probably re-fashion this piece of
smocking into a dress.

Before the smocking begins, your fabric must be pleated either by machine, or the old fashioned hand/dots method. Some crafts/sewing stores have their own pleating machine which you can pay a small fee to use.
The rest is needlework. Hours of needlework.

I've always loved smocked dresses, but after completing this project I had a deeper appreciation for work that goes into them- and I finally understood why they cost so much!

I may never smock again...
but I do have a feeling of accomplishment when I look at this little bonnet :)

For more information on smocking visit this website.
Note: (this website uses the old-fashioned method of self pleating/smocking dots)


Annette said...

I love it! :)

Melody said...

That's pretty!

And wow, I didn't know you went to Excel! All those useful skills you needed, right? ;)