Wednesday, January 5

Creations for Baby Adalynn

I bought these little Keds at a resale shop & they had a couple of stains on them...
so I bleached them- which ended up turning them kind of YELLOW :(
Just wasn't in the mood to scrub w/ oxi-clean or whatever is supposed to

First I sponged them with white "puff" fabric paint...

Then I sponged them with silver glitter glue over that.

Hey, they were only $3... but I'm really cheap, and I am SO relieved that I salvaged them!
They actually turned out super cute- AND they will still match just about anything.
(Why is it that all the cheaper brands of baby tennis shoes have weird designs or really specific color schemes? Don't they know we can't afford to buy a pair of shoes for each outfit?!)

And HERE is the first wipe case I've made for Addy.
Guess this decides it. We can't change her name again- unless it's something else with an "A". :)

Ha... every time I look at this pic I OBSESS over how that pink ribbon isn't perfectly straight. Oh well, it looks pretty good in person y'all! :)

LOTS more to come!! :) :) :)

happy new year!


Annette said...

I love the tennis shoes!!!!!! :D

Tina Kirkpatrick said...

Very Cute!!!