Thursday, July 29

Guest Bath Makeover


My grandparents will be moving out of their house in October of this year, and WE will be moving in! We have, however, already began some renovations/re-decorating. I have just completed the very first room: The guest bath off of the mud room.

Inspiration piece for this room: The mirror.

Budget for this room: About $65 (paint included)

(I apologize ahead of time for the AWFUL pictures! My camera is pretty bad!)

Here is the view walking into this tiny guest bath. (The weird shadows on that wall are from my camera...) The first thing I did was paint the (already existing) gold oval mirror a bohemian looking shade of red. That pretty much inspired the rest of the room. After seeing the outcome of the mirror, I was feeling an ethnic vibe- so I ran with it!

Next, I painted the walls a soothing gray (with Behr's "Purpoise") ... and I caulked and re-painted the door and trim (with Behr's "Toasted Marshmallow")

I also replaced the gold door handle with a new bronze one. (Yes, I noticed that white paint after taking this picture- it has since been scraped off :)

The plants were puchased at TJ Maxx. They are disguising some unattractive piping behind the sink. :)

This is a view looking in the mirror. There were originally 3 towel racks in this TINY bathroom- TOO MANY! So, I left the one by the sink, and this solitary hook on the adjacent wall- convenient for hanging a purse if you are a guest- hence GUEST bath. ;)

Also pictured above the hook are the golden-rod colored wall hangings. This wall needed something to cover the electric box- which was NOT in the center of the wall... so I knew I needed a duet of decorative pieces to create some symmetry. I made these wall hangings from 6 place mats I found on the clearance rack at World Market (for $1.98 each!) I simply hot-glued them together. They were a GREAT BUY, and ended up adding a nice addition of color & texture to the space!

I purchased the art work hanging above the toilet at TJ Max (love that place!) Although you can only see 2, there are actually 3 hanging up there. (This room is SO TINY I couldn't get the picture far enough away to get a full length shot.)

I love how the contrast of the gray walls against the white trim really brought out the beauty of the existing stone tile floor.

I misted all of the gold hardware (and the door hinges) with a hammered bronze spray paint. I purposely left some imperfections to enhance the "antique, bohemian" feel of the room.

I took this shot standing on the toilet. (Told you it was small!)

The gold faucet was a subject of disagreement. My mom and Nick think I should change it, while my sister and I liked the worn, antique appearance. I did not want a traditional suburban look in this bathroom- so I left the faucet in an attempt to avoid a matchy-matchy appearance. It stays- at least for now! :)

I LOVE decorating! I really enjoyed completing the first room in my new house. Well, 1 down, 10 to go!

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Denise said...

Looks great, Brittney! You guys always have had such a nack for decorating! I can't wait to see it all! Congratulations on the house, I'm sure you must be ecstatic!