Wednesday, July 21

Abortion is Murder... There Are No Exceptions

A heavy topic, once again...

I have recently been examining various controversial and ethically challenging situations that we currently face as a society...  Abortion is murder. I think the vast majority of people reading this post would agree. But, what about the tough situations? What about when mother and child's life both hang in the balance... and a choice has to be made. Doug Phillips wrote a very thought provoking and Biblically sound article on this topic. To read it, click HERE. There are answers in Scripture to EVERY ethical problem we have, EVERY confusing situation, and EVERY circumstance in life... if we will only accept God's Word as the final authority.

There are many Christians who are greatly confused about the definition of abortion. It is not only taking the life of an UNWANTED unborn child, it is also performed unknowingly on a regular basis. What does the Bible say about birth control? Does your birth control contain abortifacient factors? Did you even know that was possible? If you don't really understand the simple science of it read:  They Never Told Us That Birth Control May Be Killing Our Unborn Babies. Are you scared to read this? Do your unborn children a huge favor and read this. You might save their lives.

Also, here is an interesting article by Geoffrey Botkin about the history of the "pill", and it's moral applications:
How the Pill has Altered Our Moral Conscience

I understand for some people this is a scary topic. Perhaps you think ignorance is bliss... you are afraid you may uncover a truth too painful for you to accept... too difficult for you to live by. My friend, I plead with you! Open your heart and consider these articles as you read them.

Ignorance is not bliss. It's just ignorance.... and ignorance of God's statutes will reap destruction.

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