Monday, July 26

6 Things I'm Lovin These Days

VS Honeysuckle & White Patchouli Fragrant Moisture Mist. Mmmmm.... smells so clean and fresh. I love that it's a moisture mist instead a harsher perfume. I like light scents. Nothing fruity, floral or "foody". (I know, I'm not your average chick) I'm more about earthy smells. Got this on the 75% off shelf along with a shower gel, both for under $10! And, I didn't pay anything because I had a $10 off birthday coupon. Yay me! Love those kind of shopping trips!

My scissors! (that's one of those hard to spell words for me... anyone else?) I bought all of these scissors last week at Hobby Lobby.
We were doing the blanket project with the SH girls, and after scrounging up a few pairs from around mom's house, I knew that each girl would need their own for the project... or it would be CHAOS! So, I figured hey, wouldn't it be great to have a pair of scissors in every room of the house?! I mean, you can NEVER find scissors when ya need them right? Or at least around here we can't... so I'm thinking, green ones in the kitchen... black ones in the garage... pink for my bathroom & craft room... and so on!

I'm scissor happy.

I'm just lovin' big right-hand rings lately. They are so "in". I'm gettin' quite a little collection. My favorite place to buy: Forever 21. Their prices CAN NOT be beat when it comes to accessories. I think the average that I pay (full price) is about $5. SWEET!

Stewed Tomatoes

My ingredient of choice lately. I don' know why I'm so hooked on these things. I guess it's because they make a 3 or 4 ingredient casserole taste like you put SO much more effort into it! (:

My new CROCS!
I bought these with some birthday money (first pair ever) and boy, I understand the big fuss now! They are LIGHT as a feather, can be hosed off, and I can slip em' on over my socks if I need to run outside. Love it!

I was recently introduced to Scentsy, and I can't wait to order more! I love that you can switch out the scents. They come in wax "bricks", you break em' up and the melt in the top of your warmer (shown), which is heated by a light bulb. A lot safer than traditional candles with a wick & flame.

Favorite Scents: Satin Sheets & French Kiss!

What are some of your favorite things this summer???

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