Tuesday, November 3

Tip for Tuesday- Making your Mascara Last!

Happy November! 🍁🍂 I can't believe it's only a few weeks until Thanksgiving!! And 5 wks until baby arrives!! 😬 SO much to do! We have been in our new house about 3 wks now and have been cleaning, painting, and unpacking every day it seems. Its SO exciting to be in our own place again!!!

None of my room makeovers are quite ready for pictures, so I thought I would share a little helpful tip with you today that my mom passed on to me.

It's about your MASCARA!! (Don't you just love that stuff?!) My personal fav is Mary Kay's Ultimate Mascara. SO good...   I also love Younique's fiber lash stuff on top of the MK, but only if I'm wanting to glam it up a bit... But, I digress. :)

So, you know how you are supposed to switch out your mascara like, every 6 months? Something about bacteria and mites... (Um, EWWW!!!!) Well my mom shared a little tip with me to make sure your mascara is germ free and lasts longer instead of getting clumpy. 

It's... (drumroll please)... Lavender Oil!! 

Oils have SO many different uses, but this is one is actually one I'd never heard. So basically you just put 2-3 drops into your mascara and mix it by inserting and removing your wand a few times. Lavender has anti-bacterial properties that will kill germs, keep the bugs away, and keep it fresh for longer. (And it smells pretty nice too :) 

I tried this out on a 6+ month tube of mascara that was getting close to me chunking it, and it was like new mascara again! If you are like me and don't run out of product before the "icky" arrives, this tip can save you some moolah!

Hope you enjoyed- have a fabulous week! 💗

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