Thursday, November 19

Dining Room re-vamp

Okay, so the dining room was the easiest room in the house, because not much needed to be done in there. (You may remember that my Mamaw asked me to re-do this one room for her 4 years ago when she lived here- I posted about it here:

All it needed was a little tweaking to fit my personal style a little more. Here is the BEFORE :

I really should have closed those blinds (sorry!) but if you view my post from 4 years ago- you will see what the table looked like a little better. 

She left this in the house for us when they moved since it wouldn't fit in her new place and we had gotten rid of ours. The color of the wood was just not me- a little "orangey" is how I described it. So I did the Pinterest thing and stuck some wood on the top toake my own DIY farmhouse table:

The bottom of the table and chairs got painted white. We realized this table was badly bowed after we started using it, so that was another benefit of this project: I was able to give it a level surface by adding the wood on top. (It was so bowed that I had to cut some mdf for the center to support the wood. It all got attached with liquid nails and screws.)

This table project cost me about $80 total. Certainly cheaper than buying a new table!

Oh- and I built this bench for the kids:

I'm super proud of this bench :) I'd never built something people could sit on before, lol. I viewed a lot of easy DIY bench tutorials online and kinda winged it from there using some leftover fencing materials we had from our rent house. Meaning: this project was FREE! That is probably what brings me the most satisfaction about it. ;) 

My dad had some cedar logs that he sliced up for us to use in my sister's wedding decor last year. (They actually came from my great grandparent's property in MS, which was very special.) We still have a bunch of this wood sitting around, so I decided to chop one in half to make little shelves for some plants. That cedar smells AMAZING when you walk by!! (Thanks to HGTV's Fixer Upper, I'm suddenly obsessed with hanging flowers and plants on the wall in unique ways...:)

Well that's about it for this room. I'll share pics of another space soon! 

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