Saturday, April 9

Our Master Suite- (we MADE a headboard!)

Ever since switching to a king mattress last year, we've been sleeping on just a bed frame- searching around for a bed/headboard that we liked (and could afford.) Finding a bed I actually like is not an easy task. Combine that with the fact that furniture stores don't even carry everything in king size... and talk about being frustrated

Well, about 6 months ago, I saw THIS Pottery Barn headboard that was *PERFECT* -and $800 bucks. Yeah- not happening! So I waited awhile, then went searching online- hoping someone wanted to sell one used or something. Instead, I stumbled across plans for making your own replica.

(When I originally saw the bed I DID think, wow- that'd be so easy to make... but didn't want to tackle a project like that not knowing how it would turn out.)

Well, these plans were so simply laid out... and all the tedious stuff like measurements were taken care of ... SOOOO.....

We decided to DO IT!

Wanna make this bed???

Click HERE for the Twin & Full sized plans

Click HERE for the Queen sized version

And HERE for the King modications

The pre-stained version

We stained it a little lighter than the pottery barn version- we used 1 coat of  Minwax Special Walnut, topped off with 1 coat of Minwax Polyshades in Pecan. (The polyshades contain a poly based glaze within the stain to seal for the finished product- saves a step!)

Now, I just need to find the perfect artwork to go above the bed... :)

It cost us under$100 to make this bed- and most important of all: it's EXACTLY what I wanted!

Some other projects...

Here's my curtains that I made. I cut down a large cardboard box down to the size I needed, stapled quilt batting, then hot glued my fabric around it to make my shadow boxes. I then hung the boxes with L-brackets, and hung curtain rods underneath with my sheer panels. Our master bedroom is ALMOST finished now.

I was going for: hotel luxury with just a little bit of an rustic earthy-ness. I still need to add some accesories with a little more color to the space.

As you can see, we did 2-tone walls (which TOTALLY made the room look larger.) Nick picked this gorgeous dark color called Anise from Lowe's Valpar collection, & we paired it with a neutral creme shade on the oppostite walls.

We put our electric fireplace in the room which adds a lot of coziness. We had some extra brick in the garage which I used on each side to hide cable cords & such... and add an urban element to the room.

And... here's the master bath. I added cedar trim to the mirror and wood knobs to the cabinets. (Both of which are about to be stained to match the headboard.)

As you see, I'm trying to keep VERY busy until the big day arrives. Hopefully this baby will be here SOON!!!!!!!!!
Hope you enjoyed the tour!


Zasha said...

I just love you girl and love the way you word it all too, I sure miss you!

JeeperWeepers said...

Great job! I have often thought the same thing about Pottery Barn..., "I could make that for less!"