Monday, March 14

Baby Adalynn's Room

Doing Adalynn's room was way more fun than I expected! I was feeling absolutely no inspiration on a theme or whatnot, but once I got rolling it came together rather quickly. It ended up being an "enchanted forest, princess-y" sorta theme. I will probably add more greenery on the ceiling eventually. But it's finished for now, and very pretty!

Her "grand" entrance...

My favorite corner of the room.
I made these curtains from 2 solid creme panels (which I bought at Ross for pretty cheap.) I hung a scrap 1x4 board with small L-brackets, after hot gluing the 2 panels to the top & sides. (I used both panels back to back to give it plenty of bulk at the bottom.) From there, I hot glued my ribbons to the top, and pinned the other part of ribbon to the back so I could bring it under and tie it.
Easy-peasy, and no sewing!

Not hanging anything over a crib that could possibly fall and injure the baby was a real challenge to me. I mean, who wants a bare wall?? So we ended up angling the crib a little and using my veil & tiara (from my wedding) as a soft canopy.

My mom *the miracle worker* secured the veil to the ceiling using wide silk ribbon and large [ribbed] nails.
I put up the greenery using small nails & hot glue.

These frames were originally mirrors. Nick said there were too many mirrors in the room... (he was right,) so I tried out this idea I saw in a book & hot glued silk flower heads on them to make my own wall art.

My mom had the idea for hanging this mirror (which came from my grandmother) low to create a little "dress up" area. The pretty hooks hanging beside it & the stuff to make this garland was actually the only thing I had to go out and buy for this room. (Hobby Lobby :)

This is the *gorgeous* dress her Mimi Mofley bought her for her dedication... I don't think I could love this dress any more- I HAD to display it!

These tap & ballet shoes were mine when I was little. SO glad my mom kept them all these years!

A little tulle... and a little ribbon to soften up this lamp.

The changing table on the opposite wall...
(btw- thanks so much to mom & Courtney for painting this room for me!!! It's hard to see in the pictures, but they did a ragging method with a light creme color. It's subtle and beautiful- just what I wanted!)

These Cinderella plates were mine when I was young. They've been in my hope chest for so many years... I can't believe I finally have a use for them!

Addy's closet:
The renter who lived here was a carpenter. He removed the original hanging bar that went across and replaced it with 2 shorter ones on each side which works great for a kid's closet. There's SO much more hanging space. The one thing we added were these 1x6 boards across the back and sides for a shoe shelf:

Her tiny shoes don't take up the entire thing so I also have small stackable baskets on this shelf holding her socks, headbands, pantyhose... etc.
Wonderful space saver!

*We did the same thing in Ben's closet. He's in a size 7 now and his shoes still don't hang off yet, but if you have a bigger child, you may want to go with 1x8 boards instead. Just make sure your L-brackets fit whatever size board you're using.*

Thanks for looking!


Becky said...

I really like the flowers on the mirrors/frames! Cute idea

tomslady said...

This is sooo darling!!! Congratulations!!!

JeeperWeepers said...

I love it - great job y'all!