Sunday, December 19

A personal update...

Wow, I can't believe how few and far between my posts are getting lately. Just wanted to drop a quick note and say I'm still alive ;) I've started several posts lately, but haven't had the time to finish them. I will try to do so soon. I'm sure all of you can relate with how busy this month always is for me! Thank goodness my Christmas shopping was finished up weeks ago & is no longer on my long "to do" list!

The past few months.... well, 6 months really have thrown me for a serious loop. Physically, mentally, emotionally... I've just been going through quite a lot lately, I suppose. And, though it humbles me to ask this: I would really appreciate your prayers if you happen to think of me. I need to continue trusting that God knows exactly where I am and still has an amazing plan for me, if I'll just wait on HIM. I am feeling emotionally weary lately, so please pray that God will give me strength & refresh my spirit. I am finally over the "every day, all day" morning sickness- though I still have my moments... most of the time I feel pretty great, so praise the Lord for that! Baby girl is doing great and kicking up a storm! (When asked a couple of wks. ago) I wasn't too nuts about advertising our baby name on Facebook... it just seemed like a REALLY public broadcasting station- but I don't mind my *small* circle of blog readers knowing :)

We've settled on the name: Adalynn Grace  (we'll probably call her "Addy" for short.) And (thank goodness) the name is finally starting to "take hold". I'm actually calling her that now... I even made her a wipey case with "A" in cute little rhinestones! (I'll post pics later :)

SO! On to our family PICTURES!! Those of you who are on facebook have probably already seen this album, but I'm posting it here as well. My sister Courtney is always so gracious to take our family pictures (and this year, chase our kid all over the place while doing it :) We REALLY appreciate her taking the time to do it for us- we think she's such an amazing & gifted photographer! Enjoy..

I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas this week! I know we've all heard it countless times, but let's not forget to sit down with our families this Saturday and read about the Lord of all creation, leaving His splendor to come here and redeem us. There is a reason for all the "fuss", for all the lights, tinsel & celebrating... so let's re-ponder that beautiful story... & thank Him that He came.





Annette said...

Love the name!!! If we have a girl next we like Olivia Grace or Audrey Anne... but leaning more to the Olivia Grace.

Annette said...

Just to clear this up.... I'M NOT PREGNANT... okay now I feel better :)

Brittney Mofley said...

haha... well your names are really cute too- for when you ARE pregnant again :D