Wednesday, November 19

Fall Learning Ideas

Recently, we decided to go outside and discover fall. The children took buckets and gathered all sorts of things from the yard. They found some interesting things...  Not everything they found was allowed to come inside... (They happened upon the bone of a deer leg that the dogs had carried out of the woods, lol. But we had a short deer anatomy lesson ;) ) 

As they were searching, I instructed them to keep an eye out for pretty leaves. 

When they came inside we made several crafts with the leaves including our friends above. They quickly learned the names of the trees in our yard by being introduced to "Mr. Dogwood, Mr. Red Oak, Mr. White Oak and Mr. Gum".

And to be honest, I know more about our trees now too! :) 

They discovered an abundance of pretty acorns, so we decided to watch a YouTube video of an acorn taking  root and growing into a plant- which later becomes a tree. Seeing that process in fast forward is incredible! 

Next on our agenda- cutting open these pumpkins:

We buy some every year at the pumpkin patch and use them for fall decor- then once it's time to decorate for Christmas, we cut them open, and learn how pumpkins grow... How to put up fresh pumpkin... How to make a pumpkin recipe... And how to roast the seeds. Yum!

How are you making fall part of your homeschooling subjects? I'd love for you to share! :)

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