Tuesday, September 23

CAN I TAKE THIS POLISH OFF YET?!?! -Jamberry 7 day challenge

Alright folks- here is day 7:

It truly pained me to leave it on this long, lol. It looked sooo tacky. But, truth be told, I have let my polish get that bad before... Several times, in fact. It's called: having 3 kids and having next to no time for yourself. ;) 

Jamberry is so cool for moms. Me and some were just reminiscing the other day about those moment where you are painting your nails... And your toddler decides to launch their body in your direction. :D 

My Jamberry sponsor Amber said she was putting her Jams on the other day and stopped to change a poopy diaper mid-manicure. 

No problem whatsoever!! No polish on the floor, no smeared nails, and no having to rub your kid's leg with that {oh-so-toxic} polish remover, because you accidentally touched.

Speaking of polish remover- if you are wondering how you take off your jams- you CAN use acetone or polish remover to ease it off... But you can also use coconut oil or olive oil... Really any kind of oil works. I LOVE that Jamberry eliminated even more chemicals from my life!!!

Ok, so wanna see what I'm sporting now??? (My consultant kit came in yesterday with all my free wraps!!!!!)

I know- pretty loud and crazy :) but if styles like this aren't for you- don't worry! Jamberry has over 300 designs and something for everyone!

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Happy Jammin'!

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