Tuesday, November 26

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds- Who Knew?

Who knew roasting pumpkin seeds would be so simple? And who knew they were SO incredibly delicious? Not me. Otherwise I wouldn't have been throwing out so many pumpkins all these years!

Okay, so I'm currently writing my (rather lengthy) post about our Disney vacation... but I had to take a slight detour and write a quick post about my new love:

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds!!!!

Every year the kids and I go to the local pumpkin patch and I let each kid pick out a pumpkin and we use them as part of our table centerpiece for fall. Well... I'm about to haul out the Christmas decor and a couple of the pumpkins were getting brown spots so it was time to do what I always do: throw them away. But, I stopped.... and I thought, "I'll cut into the big one so the kids can see the inside.!" Well, the seeds didn't look old at all so I let the kids dig them out for me, and before I knew it I had a new favorite snack!

Our ND told Nick at his last visit that he really should be snacking on these things frequently for prostate health. When I priced them at the store I thought they were a little high so I never bought them. Well, now I going to be buying these things- or begging everyone I know for their old pumpkins... whatever works.

So, here's what you do:

1. Wash them
Get all the stringy pumpkin stuff off of them (in a colander.)

2. Boil them
Put them in a pot covered with water and bring them to a boil. 
Decrease heat and simmer for 10 min.
(Some people skip this step, but I read it increases the crispiness and yumminess, 
so just do it!)

3. Roast them
Spread the seeds out on an oiled baking sheet (not overlapping too much) and sprinkle them with a little sea salt. (If haven't already switched to sea salt instead of table salt- PLEASE DO!! It's so good for you and so much tastier! :)

Bake at 325F for 10 min. 
Stir, then bake for ANOTHER 10 min.

Devour them!
They taste a lot like popcorn- my kiddos adored them!
Next up for me: saving and using the actual pumpkin part. Not quite there yet, but I will be sure to share the experience when I am. :D

Thanks for looking & Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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