Tuesday, September 17

Chalkboard front Fridge

I've wanted to do this ever since my first episode of "Good Luck Charlie".
Finally got around to it and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

I googled magnetic chalkboard panels that fit a fridge and soon realized they don't seem to make them for a "top, bottom" fridge like mine... 

Which turned out to be a huge blessing because they are kinda pricey! After not finding any to fit my fridge, (and quickly deciding I did not want something as permanent as paint...) I then discovered.....

wait for it....

Chalkboard Contact Paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, it deserves that many exclamation points.

This stuff is incredible. It is affordable, it is re-positionable, and the possibilities are absolutely endless with this stuff!

I bought mine at Hobby Lobby (btw- I'd somehow managed to never walk down the particular aisle where the chalkboard contact paper resides, and let me tell you... there is some really cool stuff there! The entire aisle is nothing but chalkboard, white board and cork board stuff. Like, stuff you've never dreamed of before... I wanted it all and ALMOST purchased lots of items I had no plans for whatsoever- BUT, I digress...)

(I had a little leftover after my fridge so I stuck it on my dishwasher. Now no one has to ask... :)

I used 2 rolls for my fridge (about $7 each- but, I, of course, bought them at 50% off ;)
The rolls are like 2'x6' and we didn't really want a pieced line down the center length of the fridge... so we decided to go horizontal working our way down from the top. I did have to piece at the bottom with what was left on each roll, but it looks totally fine. Actually, you can hardly tell the paper is even on the front of my fridge. The black just blends right on in together.

(I must give a shout out to my awesome contact-paper-installer-of-a-husband! He was so much better than me at getting the bubbles out! But don't be scared- it really is very forgiving! The whole "re-positionable" thing means you don't have to freak out if you mess up!) 

Okay. So here are some side notes:

I bought this cute eraser on the very same aisle as the paper, and was pleasantly surprised to find out it was magnetic! But, I have to be honest- I never use it. Baby wipes (which I already have in my kitchen anyway) are SOOO much better. They just catch all the dust.

The whole experience is really a lot less messy than I expected. Grant it, I do NOT leave a bucket of chalk on the floor for my kids to draw pictures as they come and go. I let them draw (usually once a day) then wipe their hands (and the floor) and put the chalk away- which is in a cute little box on my kitchen window sill. :)

I am using regular chalk right now but am super curious about this so-called "dustless" chalk they sell. Also, chalk markers.... which are a little expensive. But maybe I'll splurge and check them out.

I wouldn't recommend this on a carpeted area. But other than that, you could use this paper just about anywhere. I mean, the whole chalkboard paint thing has been all the rave for quite awhile now... but, it's so much more permanent, you know? And so much more work.... so, this stuff is my new fav! :)


Annette Honeycutt said...

Love it!!!!!!!!

Denise at HoNeYcHiLd'S Custom Creations said...

very cute, but I just don't think it would stay nice & "cute" round here....too many fingers. :)