Saturday, March 23

3 Easy Outdoor Toddler activities

I just LOVE this warmer weather we've been having!! I'm definitely not a winter girl. My kids being able to play outside almost everyday has been AMAZING!!

Here are a few of our favorite outdoor activities for Spring/Summer...

#1 No doubt, is the 
Sand Box
My kids spend countless hours in this thing. It was completely worth the work I put into it last summer! (I used 1x6 boards to frame this up under the playhouse Nick built them, then layered the bottom with landscape fabric before dumping in the sand.) The Playhouse creates a great shady spot for it during the hottest months.

Yes, the bathtub has LOTS of sand in it at the end of the day, but TOTALLY worth the hours of enjoyment it provides!
BTW- if you don't have a sandbox- just give your kids some old spoons and direct them to a spot of dirt in your yard. Kids just love digging in dirt!

#2 is my favorite activity for them whenever we are in the front yard. It's the 
Garden Sensory Box 
I made this last year when we had a garden themed week in school. (I used some leftover potting soil I had laying around- very cheap by the way... but really any dirt will do :) It is absolutely perfect for when I am working in my front (non-fenced) yard or garage because it keeps them in one spot for a good length of time.

I set them up in an ant-free grassy area where I can see them, and I get my flower beds weeded with little interruption!  :) Obviously, this can also be a very educational tool as well.

And, #3 is probably the easiest suggestion anyone ever gave me for a toddler activity:
Painting with Water
This is maybe my favorite thing ever since it's ZERO mess! Cement sidewalk, brick siding, wood decking... water shows up on all of it. Just provide some brushes, sponges (cut out shapes in them if you like), and some bowls of water and WALLAH! Your kids have a painting session that will also keep them cool when it's warm out. My kids also love doing their feet and hand prints with it.

My only warning: you might be refilling their water quite a bit- unless you have something too heavy for them to dump out- which they will inevitably end up doing :) But hey, all part of the fun!
Ben is now old enough for me to trust him to refill his own bowl at the water hose out back, so that saves me some time now :)

Hope you've been having some beautiful weather like us, and hope you are out enjoying it!


Annette Honeycutt said...

We love these too!!!! :-)

Katie said...

I love the simplicity of your ideas. I really don't think it takes much for children to have a great time, especially outdoors! And sometimes I think toys can be so specific that they inhibit imagination. One of my favorite outdoor activities with my kids is doing a nature walk where they try to find different colors. You can do it in the backyard, but it can be more fun to go to a park! Makes them feel like little explorers!