Tuesday, August 9

Place Mat Window Treatment

I bought these 6 bamboo placemats at World Market for next to nothing.
First I made 2 wall hangings with them for our previous house.
Then, I used them as placemats (imagine that :)
THEN... I repurposed them yet again to make a window treatment for my back door!

First, I hot glued ea. set of 2 side by side, then glued them on top of each other... (over lapping each one evenly to make it the length I wanted.)

Then, I played around with tiering them up, and added velcro in the correct spots so I could "open" these "blinds" of mine. (tip: I place the velcro in the overlapped sections so they wouldn't show thru when the sun was shining.)

Oh, and I hot glued the top around my magnetic curtain rod.

 Here is what it looks like all the way down.
(See what I mean about the sun shining thru? The overlapped sections have to be measured the same so it doesn't look funny, and it does a good job of hiding the velcro.)

Here is the "half-way open" look:

And, here is all the way open:

It looks SO much better than the black valances I had hanging there,
AND it added a pop of color!


JeeperWeepers said...

That is a neat idea! I am going to have to try something similar. Our laundry room door needs both privacy and shade from the sun, and I think this would do just that. I like it! :)

Ashley Guillory-Rodgers said...

I love this! I too need something for my laundry room/back door. So... if I understand right when you open the blind you just press each section to the velcro and it stays up?

Brittney Mofley said...

Yeah, as long as you buy a strong velcro it'll stay just fine. (There are different strengths available at the fabric store.) In fact, you could really use a number of different closures such as snaps, hooks, etc. Whatever you prefer! Velcro is just what I had on hand.