Tuesday, June 21

Amazing Diaper Bag Idea!

Okay. So me and my mom are having a "mall day" on Monday, and I start rummaging around in my diaper bag for the ump-teenth time, looking for something that I cannot find...when my mom says, "You know what you should do? Get a bunch of small clear zipper bags to organize everything in your diaper bag so you find things easier. Actually, if I were you, I'd just use a clear bag as THE diaper bag. You'd be able to see where things are from the outside!"

Did I ever mention how incredibly intelligent my mother is?? :0)  ***love ya mom!***

I'm ALWAYS looking for new ways to organize. For me, organization is a time saver & a stress saver. And quite frankly, now that I have 2 kids instead of 1- it's mandatory. Do you know how frustrating it is to be digging and digging for something while Addy is crying and Ben is simultaneously trying to climb out of his stroller? *smile*
I'm sure you do if you're a mom.

So here's my NEW and IMPROVED diaper bag!!!!
(drum roll, please...)

Cute, stylish, AND organized right?!

I've tried organized things in smaller bags within the diaper bag before- but there was always something that didn't fit or have a place... I dunno. It didn't work that great & got out of sorts every time I used it.

I found this bag in the cosmetic section at Walmart. It came with all the matching zipper bags inside (which fit perfectly of course) for $20. Diaper bags can be pricey, so I consider this a deal!

The only things not in zipper bags are: the burp rag (on top there,) the wipey case and my personal items (wallet, keys & camera) which are all stuck in that left end. Nice thing is, even if my keys happen to slide somewhere, I can see where they went from the OUTSIDE!!

The Toiletry Bag

It contains: all those little items you can't leave home without when you have an infant.

The Snack Bag
(for Benjamin of course)

I rarely buy individual serving snacks b/c they tend to be more pricey. Instead, I divy up a large container of crackers, etc. into these little "snack size" ziplock bags, ahead of time in my pantry. That way, on a busy weekend when I need to replenish the snacks in my diaper bag, I just grab and go.

The "Extra Clothes" Bag
An extra changing of clothes (bow and all) for Adalynn for when she inevitebly spits up or poops on her clothes. :)
Also in here: Benjamin's bib (for going out to eat,) & Benjamin's socks
(to put on him if we go to an indoor playground like Chick-Fil-A or the mall)

***He wears sandals a lot and I don't like him to get his bare feet filthy.***

Let me insert here that I always keep an "overnight" bag for Benjamin in our car with lots of extra diapers, wipes, and clothes- for emergencies! I just don't want to carry all that stuff in every place with me.

That's the burp rag on top of the large zipper bag...

Inside: diapers, diaper ointment & nursing wrap

(I'm not sure why I've been keeping the diaper rash cream in the toiletry bag... makes no sense since I'm always going to use it right after a diaper change. Why open 2 different bags?? But, NO... it IS a toiletry... ha, sometimes my organization obsession overrides common sense :)

So there you have it!
My new life saver- until I find something that works even BETTER! ;)


Annette said...

Um I love this!!! I may have to do this!! Genius your mother is! Where was this with my first child?! :-)

Samantha Urban said...

That is adoreable & Genius! You are a very talented mom & lady! You go Girl! = )