Wednesday, May 18

Benjamin's 2nd Birthday Party

 Dear Benjamin,

You just turned 2 on May 1st! I can't believe how big you are getting. You are a big brother now, and a very sweet one! You call her "baby Ah.." and you always say, "Aww... baby," and kiss her when you pass by her. Your favorite things to play with are BALLS (of course) and your new drum set Papaw Phil got you at this party. You like watching drum solos on youtube :) and you try to beat on everything! You are talking very well now- even if sometimes only Mama can understand the words you are saying :) Lately your answer to everything is "No." You love books and looking at picture albums.

You like to point out all the people you know by name. You also really like counting. You count up to 6 over and over again when you are playing. Another thing you just got really into is coloring. I think I tried to force it on you before you were ready. But now you LOVE it! When we pray you say, "Thank you God" and "Amen". It's so adorable! Your favorite phrases are "Oh man!", "Oh no!", "Wow!", "Alright!", and "Ready?" You LOVE to "go bye bye". You are a rambler :)

You've spent the night at all your grandparents houses a couple of times and you do very well. We just started potty training you today... (we'll see how THAT goes!!) You are starting to get interested in dressing your own self. You also want to eat your yogurt (with your spoon) all by yourself... and I must say, you don't make as much of a mess as I expected! You are getting so grown up. You measured at 3 ft. tall a month before your birthday, so I think it's safe to say you are going to be tall. You are already in a size 7 shoe!! Can't believe that... I love you SO SO much. I just wanted to jot some stuff down about sweet, wonderful you. I know I'll forget all these special things... and you'll be grown before I know it... *sob*

But you will always be my "baby Benjamin."

Love you,

Photo Credits: This is a mixture of the pictures taken by my sister Courtney and my mother-in-law Donna Mofley.


Annette said...

So So SO sweet! Ethan says "Oh man" too! lol I laugh every time. Today he asked me, "Mama, is Sissy in trouble" I said "yes she is". He turns shaking his head as he walked away and said, "Oh man"... I cracked up!

I'll pray for you on the potty training... we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel... key is FREQUENCY! I'm just now figuring that out for some reason. LOL

Brittney Mofley said...

lol... oh that is so funny what Ethan said about KB. Yeah I think we could use some prayer on the potty training thing :) Thought there might be some tears involved... didn't know they'd be mine! ha...

not even kidding. day 2 (yesterday) was just pure frustration. BUT, there's no doubt I see progress!!