Tuesday, September 7

A little pregnancy update

Hello everyone! Hope y'all had a great, if rainy, Labor Day Weekend!

I thought I should give an update of the pregnancy "and stuff". :) If you are online a lot, you've probably noticed I've been posting a lot less frequently. That's because I've been battling with my usual first trimester morning sickness. Actually, with Ben it lasted about 4 1/2 months. I'm queasy all day, pretty much EVERY smell irks me, and I require almost as much sleep as a newborn. (I'm sure most of you moms can relate! :) I only know a few lucky women who haven't experienced at least one of these symptoms!

I'm so grateful for my mother's help these past few weeks! I'm not quite sure how my laundry would be getting done if it weren't for her assistance! Although I didn't think this to be possible: it seems to be a little worse this time around- in the respect that some days I just can't keep anything down. Oh, and the fact that I have a one-year-old... that may have some affect on the situation... :) 

Now, those of you who know me well will vouch for the fact that I am like, the "Anti-Drug" queen. I DETEST medicine and very rarely take it- but, I think my desperation has hit an all time high, because I have finally given in. I've been taking something for a couple of days that seems to be helping. At least I can eat now! My midwife always says that severe morning sickness is a sign of a very healthy pregnancy. I pray that to be the case! I will have my first appointment and ultrasound in 1 week!! (yay!!)

So, besides all that, we are doing great! Everything is on schedule for us to move into our new house before the holidays. (Although I've been too sick to continue working on it, but oh well!) Benjamin had the chicken pox, but is now all better! Nick was almost sent to Florence, Italy this week by his job- but, thankfully they sent someone else... He really didn't want to leave me since I've been so sick. But, if he has to go at a later time I think he'll be excited about it.

Although this little one seems to have put my life on hold currently, I know the end result will be worth it! Holding that sweet baby in my arms is the part I look forward to!!




Annette Honeycutt said...

So sweet! :) I'm praying for a healthy pregnancy for you! (and a faster delivery :)
Be thankful for that MAMA! I am not complaining, because I do have a great help in my hubby... but I can't say I haven't wished for some of that kind of help during the day. :D You are blessed.

Rebecca Lynn said...

HEY! heard about the chicken pox!!!
~don't forget those pictures!
Sounds like a baby GIRL in the making! How exciting... I have always heard; the more sickness you have the smarter the kid! LOL

Stephen and Melody said...

That's so exciting about you expecting again!! Congratulations!