Thursday, August 12

Brightening the Corner Where I Am

When I began this blog, I didn't really understand what it's purpose would be. Perhaps to catch everyone up on our family life? Maybe sharing recipes!! (I dearly love to cook! :) Just a general "journal" for me to eventually have printed up for my children to remember me by. (Did you know there are websites that will do that? Yep, your blog can be PUBLISHED now!) Well, I hadn't a clue what God intended for my blog...

I would like to say, that if you are reading this post and are not a follower: you are not alone! It's been brought to my attention that many people have chosen to "follow" me anonymously- and that's perfectly alright by me! I have received so many emails, facebook messages, and people coming up to me in person, to let me know they were encouraged by something I wrote. And I say, "Praise the Lord for that!" It's hard for me to imagine that God would use "little old me" to exhort someone in their faith- who am I? I am hardly worthy! But, as soon as this thought entered my brain, I realized that was a lie from the devil! God can use anyone or anything! God can make SOMETHING out of NOTHING! If I don't lift my voice in praise, who will take my place? If I don't testify of His goodness, and share the treasures I've found in His Word- will someone else do it for me? Well, we know the answer to that. It's up to me. My testimony is mine and mine alone; and it is my duty and honor to share Christ with others at any opportunity that arises!

Due to the difficult situations our church family have been facing in recent years, I have been compelled to search God's Word and really DEPEND on it in a completely new way! I would not trade the lessons I am learning, for anything! Some of the topics about which I'm currently writing are quite controversial. There was a time I was scared of controversy- mostly because I was fearful to lose the approval of whomever I was opposing! But, I have found that by embracing that fear, praying, and seeking God's face; I have reached out to others who are suffering similar problems- and perhaps have no one to share them with. What a miraculous God we serve, who can use tumultuous times to draw us closer to His love and mercy- and to one another!

I have very much enjoyed following a blog this year called "One Bright Corner". This blog is written by 19-year-old twin sisters in Washington state, with whom I have found like-minded vision, and, what I call a "kindred spirit"! Their superb writing and thought provoking topics challenge me to continue seeking the LORD. One of the sisters, Mikaela, recently wrote describing the story which inspired their blog title. (Click HERE to read the post.) This interesting tale reminded me that God wants to use each and every one of us! Whether it be ministering to the masses, or comforting one lonely soul, He has a divine purpose for us each day, if we will only yield to His spirit's leading. I was encouraged to continue "brightening the corner where I'm at", knowing that God has a bigger plan for my blog than even I imagined. If something I write causes just ONE person to draw closer to their Redeemer, it will be worth it. I'm sure I will continue to occasionally post about things of no matter- throwing in a recipe or two... but, I know now that those things are just "fillers". Proclaiming the truth found in God's Word is the mission I feel bestowed on me by my Savior, and I will allow my tiny light to flicker in this gruesomely dark world- so long as my God gives me breath.

How's your corner doing?

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